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Sunday, 3 July 2011

Crossing over Green Lane Bridge

I've shown you Green Lane Bridge sideways and even from underneath.

This view is looking over the bridge towards St Pauls Hill Road. Back in May 2009 I posted the view in the opposite direction.

See more bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. are we there yet? The bridge looks very far away. The road is not paved?

  2. This direction seems to have a bit of a steeper curve!

  3. I love old stone bridges and this one is so special since it is not paved and has natural vegetation happily skirting the roadway.

  4. This bridge looks like it belongs in a fairytale. Nice shot.

  5. Wonderful, evocative shot. It's what stories are made of...

  6. This looks so unusual with all the greenery growing up the side.

  7. A great perspective in this shot of a country stone bridge, no pavement necessary. You can shoot this one standing on your head and I do not think that we would ever tire of seeing yet another season or view.

    (I did not know that you had me listed until I saw your post on Montreal Photo Daily... merci beaucoup!)


  8. Nice sky, great perspective:)

  9. I'd so love to wander over an old bridge like this one! Beautiful ambience!

    And thank you ever so much for linking my Mornington Peninsula Daily blog to your Around the World network! I am so thrilled! I have created a badge link to the network on my sidebar!