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Monday, 1 August 2011

Postcard from Hyde

The CDPB theme for the 1st of August is Postcard-worthy so I decided to create a four-part postcard.

Top left is an autumn scene of Captain Clarke's Bridge on the Peak Forest Canal.

Top right is Hyde Market at springtime.

Bottom left is a winter view of Market Street.

Bottom right is Gee Cross Fete this summer.

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  1. Good thinking Gerald - All good pics but the winter view of market street is my favourite!

  2. Well thought out! And a classic postcard view too.

  3. Gerald,
    Well aren't your the clever one. You gave us many to enjoy today.
    THank you !!

  4. The four seasons postcard. Good thinking there, 99!

  5. Very clever- I like the 4 seasons in one day theme and it does look like a retro/ traditional postcard

  6. A great theme photo. It's another option to shuffle for mine, make a collage with several different photos.

  7. Nice job! I like seeing all four beautiful seasons.

  8. This is a wonderful work of yours !

    Please have a good Tuesday.

    daily athens

  9. very nice and creative! I also love your blog background. How did you create that?