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Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sepia Scenes: Bertram Terrace

This weeks contribution to Sepia Scenes is Bertram Terrace on Syddall Street.

See the date stone on Hyde DP Xtra.


  1. I've always liked these buildings, perhaps because they are not so common in Guatemala.

  2. How very typical English" Red brick (suitable desaturated) with all the lines and patterns showing off.

    PS Thank you for the comment. The fire is more or less over, but the ship is taking in water ...

  3. Apart from other qualities, two tan patches remain. Love the shingled roof. Surroundings that keep their character are lovely, there is no rush towards brash signs and excessess, it's a nice change.

  4. I love seeing these homes - such truly BRITISH architecture with character and history!