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Friday, 30 September 2011

Weekend reflections in a pothole

The corner of a house and the side of a van reflected in a deep pothole on Haughton Street.

I'm home but quietly convalescing as far as I'm able. I won't be resuming regular postings for a little while yet but I'll be around from time to time.

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  1. A terrific reflection. I don't think I'd want to drive over that, it looks deep.

  2. A cause des couleurs, cette image sort de l'ordinaire. C'est très réussi !

  3. Nasty looking pothole.
    Have a speedy recovery.

  4. Nasty pothole but brilliant pic!

    Welcome back to the blogosphere Gerald :>)

  5. I like the alliance between red and blue... Nice union celebrated by a great reflection !

  6. Creating a world of its own. Many getting well wishes. Please have a good new month and a nice weekend as well.

    daily athens

  7. That is an absolutely super shot!

  8. Oh, that road looks like it's in a sad state of disrepair--but the pothole served as a photographer's dream come true!


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    Reflection in Wayside Pool

  9. Nice to see that you are back on-line, and I hope that everything went OK. I wish you a speedy recovery!