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Monday, 16 January 2012

Royal 2 Doorway

The boarded up doorway to the Theatre Royal 2 Cinema on the corner of Henry Street and Onward Street.

The old notice-boards and sign have recently been removed highlighting the distressed state of the building.

The Theatre Royal Onward Trust have been working since 1999 to acquire the building and restore it. Getting there is not easy but the fight is not lost. One day it will re-open.

More of my photos of the theatre can be seen on Theatre Royal Hyde Photographs.

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  1. Beautiful an image though. May time and life treat it kind.

  2. It's going to take a lot of restoring Gerald, but hopefully it will get started!

  3. it's a good thing there are efforts to restore this theater.

  4. hee hee...
    What a contrast to the doors at the Stanford Memorial Church! «Louis» hopes the efforts to restore the theater are successful!

    «Louis» appreciates your contribution to Monday Doorways.

  5. Not the place for a Royal Performance today, but one day - Perhaps? A fine photographic subject, though.

  6. Sad to see it in such a state. Hopefully it will be revived and put back to its full glory!

  7. I like this shot a lot. Talks to us on multiple levels

  8. I like this shot a lot, too, Gerald. Not everything in our cities is crying out for restoration. Decay opens our eyes to another sort of beauty. Restoring everything is tantamount to saying that all old people should have face-lifts. Age can be beautiful.