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Sunday, 22 January 2012

Shadow Shot Sunday: Behind Waverley Road

There is a little triangle of land behind the houses on Waverley Road and Laburnum Avenue (out of sight on the right). The third side of the hypotenuse is a footpath leading between the two and skirting the back of houses on a couple of cul-de-sacs.

These shadows were captured on a sunny day a few weeks ago.

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  1. A few weeks ago and no snow! Lucky you! :)
    Happy Sunday!

  2. From your description of the photo, it sounds as if you know every foot (and footpath!) of your neighborhood.


    Shadow, shadow in my path,
    You are not the Grapes of Wrath;

    And yet when I hear your hums,
    Something Wicked This Way Comes!

    May your darkness turn to light
    Like The House of Mirth, all right?

    May all sadness drift away—
    Send Lolita here to play!

    © 2012 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Shadowy Path

  3. It's almost like a secret garden - so bright and green, too!

  4. The residences are packed in closely with little greenery between them. So it is refreshing indeed to find an open patch of lawn where the green, sun and shadow are able to mingle. A simple and beautiful scene!

  5. love the bright roof...looks like a wonderful place to rest.

  6. Beautiful shadow shot!

    Shadows at my site. Looking forward to your visit.

  7. That is a beautiful garden and shot

  8. Beautiful, mellow, shadowy morning! A soft sleepiness in the atmosphere!

  9. That roof has a load of heavy tiles on it. I am surprised. Snow loads contribute a lot to the stress the roof endures over here and sometimes they will cave in. I am sure you build your roof stronger than we build our roofs. Nice photography.

  10. Beautiful!

    Here's my Shadow shot. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. A very pretty area with shadows all around.

  12. What a pretty little area. Like the shadows. It really is a lovely morning to be outside with your camera. genie

  13. A wonderful, quiet and peaceful scene here!! I can almost hear a distant call of a bird that is hidden in the trees.

    Old Man and the Sea

  14. Is it 'cul-de-sacs' or 'culs-de-sac'? (As in 'mothers-in law' instead of 'mother-in-laws', for example)

  15. Oh Wow! A great shot and a math problem to boot. Right brain and left brain all in one post today. Good show!

  16. Lovely capture of architecture, textures, shadows and light, in a sweet setting.

  17. A very typical English scene indeed.....