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Sunday, 15 January 2012

Sunday Bridges: Knott Fold

Another photograph from my walk along the Trans Pennine Trail on Christmas Day.

Horses on the left, cyclists and walkers on the right here but just after Knott Fold bridge the equestrians move to the right until they reach Dowson Road bridge where they change sides again.

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  1. This is one of those places I so wish I had seen up close on one of my many visit across the pond. It is heavenly and so pastoral. What a grand place to go our for a jolly good walk with your camera. Love your post. genie

  2. Walking into the depth of the photo. The UK must be one of the few countries with separate paths for equestrians.

  3. Looks like an old railway, they make great places to walk.

  4. You have the distinction (such as it is!) of contributing twice to this edition of Sunday Bridges, and «Louis» thanks you for it!

  5. everyone at home celebrating their christmas.