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Sunday, 26 February 2012

Shadows across Hyde Market

Mature trees cast their shadows across the cleared Northern half of Hyde Market last Sunday afternoon in a never to be repeated view.

The original renovation plans included removal of all the trees but after protests at least some of the more mature trees are to be retained.

On the left can be seen the greengrocer's "Strawberry Gardens" with solicitor's offices above. To the right is the White Lion public house, William Hill's betting shop (bookies) and the Santander (former Abbey) Bank. Far right is the children's carousel (roundabout) in front of the Clarendon shopping centre.

Compare with the scene in the opposite direction in heavy rain the previous day as shown on Hyde DP Xtra.

Since Sunday this part of the market has been cordoned off as renewal work gets under way. The small trees in front of the White Lion have already gone.

Yesterday shadows of different kind were cast over Hyde Market but of these I do not wish comment here.

This is a contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. Great shadow shot for the day! Enjoy your weekend!


  2. Nice, bold shadows - and I thought that was some sort of carousel to the right. Fun! :)

  3. Very nice photo.

    Regards and best wishes

  4. so sad that renovation meant bringing down the trees. glad you captured these trees shadows!!!

  5. Lovely shadows from the trees. At least some of them are being saved - perhaps some new ones could be planted when the renovation is complete?

  6. Looks like it is holding up the buildings! Very lovely STRONG Shadow Shot!!


  7. That's lovely! Thanks for contributing art to shadow shots!

    Coo Coo Clock Shadow

  8. I would dearly enjoy walking down this street among the shadows.

  9. One very dramatic, stretched shadow! It almost looks a threat to the market place!

  10. Fantastic shadows. I'm glad some of the trees are going to be retained. Shame they are still removing the others.

  11. Powerful shadows and a painful read.

  12. I enjoy how you captured the trees shadow dancing..lovely,