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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Higham House

A fortnight ago I posted H & V signs that were on the wall of the Tameside Animal Shelter Charity shop.

I still haven't figured out precisely what they are but Dave Williams wrote that there were similar signs to be seen on the house at the corner of Croft Street and Great Norbury Street, so earlier this week I took a look for myself.

The building is "Higham House".

A contribution to signs signs.


  1. The old and the new - the old letters vs. the satellite dish! Ha ha!

  2. These may be to do with the source of a water supply for use by the Fire Brigade in the event of a fire. I've seen similar signs in Stretford on old houses when I was a child.

  3. How about H horizontal V vertical ??

  4. The signs were used many years ago to identify apparatus on the water mains, h for hydrant and v for valve, the fire service use the hydrants and the water company uses the valves to isolate the water main for repairs etc, these marker plates could date back to the 1920/30s when the water mains were laid. These days fire hydrants are identified using a yellow plate with a black H on it. The original signs are useful when trying to locate the valves and hydrants under snow!!

  5. That was a very cool mystery going on there Gerald, I came in just in time to find the answer! Apart from that I like the style of Higham House, the white architectural trim on doors and windows looks great against the red brick.

  6. I wonder if the people in that house were as curious as we have been about the H and V on the side of their house!?