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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Adamson Band at Gee Cross Well Dressing 2012

At the weekend I posted a view of the Adamson Band reflected near the Village Green Well and closer view of a reflection in an instrument.

Here the band have marched down Joel Lane and are turning into Stockport Road.

For more information about the ceremony and a series of 16 photographs showing each well see Gee Cross Well Dressing 2012.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday.


  1. Oh, all that glorious red in the uniforms!

    My Ruby

  2. I'm ready to march right down the street after them.

  3. Fun to see. The red uniforms make a striking photo.

  4. such a red shot! who doesn't like a marching band, anyway!?

  5. Beautifully captured!

    Would you come and comment on my Ruby Tuesday post? Thanks!

  6. Great shot, very very colorful indeed.