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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

ABC Wednesday: G is for the George & Dragon

The George & Dragon is probably the oldest pub in Newton. Records date the licence back to around 1756. It wasn't the large public house there today; probably just a small cottage.

Before 1756 it is thought that the premises were a shop before it gained a licence. The first recorded landlord was James Harrison, who kept the house for over twenty years.

The next landlord, Jonathan Smith the elder, kept the George and Dragon from 1778 to 1826, a grand total of 48 years. When he died in 1826 his wife Elizabeth carried on for a further eight years and then Thomas Smith, thought to be a son carried on until 1850. It seemed to be a family tradition to be in the licensed trade as Jonathan had another son known as Jonathan The Younger who kept the Shoulder Of Mutton Inn on Talbot Road (1819-1823) and also the Bay Horse (1825-1834).

The George & Dragon is supposed to be haunted by a ghost affectionately known as Ferdinand who seems to have been around since the 1950s. Nobody knows his origin; he is described as of average height with long, bushy beard, side whiskers, and wearing a long frock coat.

The pub boasts a fine bowling green at the rear and over the years a consistently good bowling team have won many prizes in local leagues.

More information can be found on Hyde, Chehsire.

The pub sign can be viewed on Hyde DP Xtra.

In front of the pub is Bennett Street War Memorial which was paid for by money raised for the George and Dragon Soldier's Comfort Fund.

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  1. Interesting place - like the bit about Ferdinand! And what was he up to before his appearance in the 1950s? :O)

  2. You captured the character of the pub nicely. Love the age.

  3. g-g-g-g-ghosts?
    ROG, ABC Wednesday team

  4. What a fine,comfy looking pub.

  5. Ferdinand the ghost! He has a solid home there!

  6. A fine looking pub, with lots of history. Perfect combination!

  7. Also the name of one of the oldest and most popular British pubs in Barcelona (they have Sky Sports, that might be the reason...). Their Sunday roast is to die for.

  8. That's a beautiful Pub ! I love to go into Pubs, when my son lived in London I went into more then 60 pubs over 10 years, to draw people there !

  9. Cool building!

    Golden Rule
    Rose, ABC Wednesday Team

  10. This is a nice photo - thanks for sharing - my post here

  11. Very cool building, love the colors!! The war memorial is very special in its spot.

  12. The combination of cross and Saint George is a nice touch. What a fantastic pub sign it looks in pristine condition. As indeed I see from the banner would be the drink a "great pint guaranteed". Interesting pub.

  13. Would the good results of the bowling team have something to do with the little added liquid extra they might get from the pub?