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Friday, 3 August 2012

Friday Fences: Tesco Extra

This is looking up the pedestrian ramp from Stockport Road to the upper story of the new Tesco Extra at Hattersley. The main store is underneath but above is a café and non-food department as well as a presently hardly used two-storey car park.

Take a look at the empty car park on Hyde DP Xtra.

Over the road is McDonalds and the roundabout at the end of the M67.

For Friday Fences.


  1. Makes me think of my trips to Ireland! I shopped at Tesco there...

  2. i want to go on a trip. fun!! here we go............... (:

  3. looks american with the mickey d's on the side of the road!

  4. That is one that is well built!

  5. Designed for maximum effect, or so it seems!

  6. You certainly hit the jackpot on fences this week!

    Winding Fence

  7. I love all the lines and angles!!