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Thursday, 27 September 2012

Park View

Name plaque on the house at the corner of Stockport Road and Kensington Street.

See the house itself on Hyde DP Xtra.

It is across the road from the cemetery.

For signs, signs.


  1. interesting calligraphy - I hope there really is a park view!

    as for the 5 points - there are three streets, but five corners at the sidewalks (pavement) that look like a lopsided pointy star on a map (or from above)

  2. It looks like very old carving!

  3. That letter "A" is surely interesting! A cross between a "T", "R", and an "A". Cool!

  4. Not sure I like the A, but I do like the K

  5. Is there a story behind that different "A"?

  6. Fantastic photograph. I am greeting

  7. I checked out the house.Had to see what went with the sign. I really like the chimneys. They are so unusual. genie