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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Summer returns to Hyde Market

Last week I posted September shadows across Clarendon Place and said that summer was now over.

Well it has come back for a few days at least. Yesterday was a bit of a schorcher as you can tell from the shadows under the stalls on the market and the blue sky in the background.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. The colours still look happy.

    Please have a good Sunday.

  2. A great parade of sunny colours and shadow patterns from the racks! Love the elegance of the draped blue scarf the lady on the right is wearing!

  3. I guess, we both have a summer every now and then.

    How I wish, I am there. I love bargaining and I always get, what I wanted on bargains, §:-)

    Enjoy your SSS2 day and have a blissful day.

  4. I love to watch people at outdoor markets. Thanks for these glimpses of your part of the world.

    Desert Shadows at Dusk