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Friday, 5 October 2012

Newton Hall after the dig

This photograph shows the grounds of Newton Hall restored after the archaeological dig in April and was taken at the recent Heritage Open Day where some of the finds were on show. Behind the fence lies the main road from Hyde to Ashton.

See the hall itself on Hyde DP Xtra.

Newton Hall, a Grade II listed building and one of Britain's earliest cruck-framed buildings, stands on the corner of Dukinfield Road and Dunkirk Lane in Hyde, Cheshire. It eventually became used as a barn for the farm that occupied part of the site. It was encased in a brick building having a blue slate roof. When the farm buildings were being demolished in the 1960s, to make way for industrial buildings, the contractor saw the ancient cruck-framed construction and, realising it was an important ancient building, stopped demolition immediately. The other farm buildings were later demolished but the original medieval hall was preserved. Sir George Kenyon, the Chairman of William Kenyon & Sons Ltd of Dukinfield, rescued it. Browns of Wilmslow undertook the restoration work and this was completed in 1970.

During the restoration work, a large glass panel was inserted into one side the purpose of this being twofold. It allows sufficient light into the hall so that it can be used for modern purposes such as holding conferences, seminars and meetings and it also allows the construction of the building to be viewed from the outside. It now has a stone flag floor with under-floor heating, whereas originally it would have had an earthen floor.

More information at

In April 2012 Tameside History Forum in conjunction with Salford University undertook an archaeological dig at the site. Over 500 photographs of the excavation can be found on their Photobucket gallery.

A contribution to Friday Fences and Green Days on Raindrops & Daisies.


  1. i like the benches up against the brick wall area. nice and green, too.

  2. wow, looks like some one is getting lots of rain. we so need some here in VA. gorgeous park & bench. (:

  3. Texture against texture...Nice shot!

  4. So lovely there! It's a shame the brick structure is no longer there, but wonderful that the dig was done.

  5. A imagem é de um verde exuberante! Muito interessante! Receba um grande abraço meu!

  6. Dá vontade de sentar nos bancos, ler um bom livro e apreciar a beleza.
    Lindo final de semana. Abraços.

  7. Um local verde maravilhoso para sentar e descansar!
    Bom fim-de-semana.

  8. Lindo local!!Gostei!beijos,chica

  9. I don't have time now, but sure want to follow your links later...this sounds so interesting.

  10. Great picture and history behind it!