Friday, 28 December 2012

Friday Fences: Kissing Gate

The entrance to the Trans Pennine Way (and National Cycle Route #62) at the end of Garside Street. The kissing gate was designed to prevent motorcyclists gaining access. Alas it makes it very awkward for ordinary cyclists and people pushing prams and impossible for wheelchair users to access the path.

For Friday Fences.


  1. Common sense seems to be something planners don't have

  2. Looks certainly like a challenge.

  3. My mate has a busniss on the nearby to me canal and if the canal people leave the gates open kids on motorcycles race up and down and they most likely have no licence or insurance and the bike could well be stolen. Recently he rang the police to come and drag one out that was dumped in the canal, a short while after having been nicked.