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Thursday, 10 January 2013

£100 or £1000

At the bottom of Gower Road outside the allotments is an old rather worn out sign which says "Please take your litter home. Maximum Penalty £100". There is a black bin bag tied to the bottom of the post.

Meanwhile a newer sign attached to the telephone pole on the right states that this is a "Poop Scoop Area" and the maximum penalty for not heeding the warning is £1000.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Amazing what gems of humour can be found in brambly tangles! Different!

  2. When the leaves will be growing again this sign will be completely out of sight I suppose. Nice shot.

  3. You dug around and found a couple of good signs in there.

  4. These two signs are real keepers. These folk mean business. genie

  5. I wonder if such fines are ever imposed- I wish they were...

  6. I guess poop is a much more serious offense than other types of litter.
    and that bag looks rather heavy....