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Saturday, 16 February 2013

The Weekend in Black & White: A Glimpse of the Godley Brook

A rare glimpse from Newton Street, through leafless winter trees, of the Godley Brook before it is culverted under Dukinfield Road.

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  1. lovely photo. Perfect post for the theme!

  2. So nice in B&W, Gerald!

  3. hello gerald - eileen from bolton here.
    it's a lovely view but one i don't recognise. where abouts was it taken on newton street?
    the only place i can think of is over the stone wall, near the new estate. there used to be an old house there before the houses were built. i never was brave enough to enter the grounds in case i got caught.

    1. over the stone wall, near the new estate - spot on eileen - come spring when the leaves grow the view will be totally obscured.

  4. a lovely tangle of branches...everything interconnected:-)

  5. What webs we weave, even in winter.

  6. não gostaria de me perder por aí. Ótimo clique, um abraço!

  7. Oh,- I like this shot a lot! Very interesting "effect", all these bare braches!