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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Clarendon Square Car Park

Off Union Street lies the Clarendon Square Car Park.

See how it looked in September 2006.

Until about a year ago parking on the upper levels of the multi-storey car park was free but the council has since stopped that "perk" and now you have to "pay and display" to park anywhere. As a result hardly anyone bothers to venture above ground and rumours are that it is going to be pulled down.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. I like the old sign better than this generic one.
    Yes, all our (small) parking lots that used to be free evenings and weekends are now all pay and display all the time. They will soon be torn up and sold to developers. And we will have much fewer options for parking when downtown.

  2. Our downtown area isn't big enough to have a parking facility like this; however, the university does.

  3. I like the colours in the old sign better too although it is probably a bit dated design wise.

  4. A lot of these are being redeveloped.

  5. there seems to be no free parking spaces around here anymore. vacant lots have been converted to parking lots. in the malls, there's even a 3-hour minimum parking fee and an additional fee for every hour.

  6. that's too bad...we have a free parking garage's so nice to be offered that service!

  7. I like the old sign better. Sounds like they should have left well enough alone and left the free parking on the top. Now NO ONE is using the building and they will have to spend umpteen dollars to knock it down!