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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Godley Brook by Hoviley

I first showed the weir on the Godley Brook from the entrance to the ABC Wax premises in May 2007 and then again in March 2009 when there was a supermarket trolley below the weir.

It looked a bit different in September 2009 and in July 2011.

On the right is the M67 motorway.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.


  1. This river looks a little bit at unease, trapped between a parking lot and this big grey wall...

  2. Something about the greenery in the earlier two photos makes the wall on the right look more rural and pleasant. Interesting to see the contrasts in seasons.

  3. Great watery reflections for the day, Gerald!! Hope you have a lovely weekend!! Enjoy!

  4. Beautiful shot! I love that rock wall.

  5. For a number of years now both Dipper's and Kingfisher's have been seen on this very stretch of water.

  6. At lot less undergrowth at the sides compared to your previous photos Gerald.